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Church History

Organized in 1918 our original name was Jamison Memorial Colored Methodist Episcopal Church. Our church was renamed Trinity in 1920.

In the 50's the "C" in CME was changed from "Colored" to "Christian".

For many years Trinity held service at our church in downtown Decatur on the corner of North and Jackson Streets. In the late 70's urban renewal and the need for a community civic center left no room for Trinity. We purchased three lots in the 400 block of South Webster Street and built our current church home. The building was move in ready by 1980.

The Origins of Trinity C.M.E. Church

May 25, 1918 – A group of 10 Christian Women and Men gathered with the late Rev. W. T. Whitset, then pastor of St. Luke C.M.E. Church of Champaign (IL) to form what would be named Jamison Chapel C.M.E. Church on the corner of Marietta and Calhoun Streets. The name Jamison was a tribute to then Presiding Bishop Jamison, who passed on to his reward later that year.

The charter members of Jamison Chapel were: Mrs. Louise Bufford, Mrs. Nola B. Reed, Mrs. Annie Lee McGruel-Rogan, Mr. & Mrs. Cruz, Mr. & Mrs. Isaiah Taylor, Mrs. Lula West, Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Rose McMorris. After 2 years of laboring this group of members were unable to meet the expenses of their church, they were forced to give up the building, which they were renting for $10.00 per month, but they continued to worship from house to house.

Then Bishop R. A. Carter, one of the greatest kingdom builders the Colored (now Christian) Methodist Episcopal Church (C.M.E.) has ever known, came and purchased German-based Methodist Episcopal Church in 1920. The name Trinity was chosen by Bishop Carter, Presiding Elder S.S. Landers, Rev. G.W. Safford (the pastor of Trinity at that time) and members. Trinity meaning a union of three in one God head would be the name of their new place of worship.

The first members that united at the first service held at Trinity were: Mrs. Zady Boyce, Mrs. Mary Bell Taylor, and Mr. Quinn Doss.

Presiding Elders Who Have Served

Rev. Mitchel Miller, Rev. J. W. Jacobs, Rev. S.S. Landers, Rev. J.A. Stockbride, Rev. J.F. Dukes, Rev. J.T. Turner, Rev. Parker, Rev. J.M. Pettigrew, Rev. John Reed, Rev. Clark, Rev. W.J.C. Molin, Rev. E.P. Murchison, Rev. J.P. Davis, Rev. A.L. Hodges, Rev. J.C. Clay, Rev. M.A. Crowder, Rev. T.R. Taylor and Rev. Frank Smith.

Pastors Who Have Served

Rev. Jones, Rev. J.P. Davis (3 times), Rev. Jerome Foster, Rev. J.T. Crockett, Rev. J.L. Lee, Rev. W.R. Moore, Rev. C.F. Crowder (2 times), Rev. G.S. Smith, Rev. Thomas, Rev. D.S. Cunningham, Rev. S.J. Laws, Rev. C.M. Baker, Rev. E.M Radford, Rev. J.A. Carpenter, Rev. Henry Bledsoe, Rev. B.J. Boyd, Rev. Frank Smith, Rev. P.C. Campbell, Rev. T.R. Johnson, Rev. C.L. Hawkins, Sr., Rev. E.B. Green, Rev. G.H. Williams, Rev. Thomas Harper, III, Rev. Patricia A. Havis, Rev. Samuel Hutson, III, Rev. Reginald T. Burke, Sr. Our current Pastor is Rev. James C. Hendricks, Sr.

Photos From The Archives

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