Min. Staff & Officers

Ministerial Team
Rev. Donald Biggs - Local Preacher
Rev. Kenneth Hentz - Local Preacher
Rev. Erma Roberson - Local Preacher
Min. Thomas Freeney 
Peggy Taylor - Church Secretary
Carolyn Hendricks - Clerical Assistant to Pastor
Steward Board
Denita Hentz - Chairperson
Linda Stringer - Recording Steward
Melissa Bradford - Treasurer
Robert Bond
Jan Pritts
Cynthia Thomas
Carthell Tyus
Stewardess Board
Hazel Jelks - Chairperson
Gertie Bond 
Ardelia Jelks
Lezell West 
Edna Wilder
Trustee Board
Charles Taylor - Chairperson
Adrian Anderson
Antonis "Tony" Anderson
Floyd D. Anderson
Pastell Fuller
Roscoe Joyner
Modistine White
Tiny White Jr.
Tiny White Sr.
Women's Missionary Society
Johnnie P. Merriweather - President
Bessie Bond
Mildred Bond 
Pastell Fuller 
Sophia Jackson
Juanita Walker
Usher Board
Peggy Taylor - Chairperson
Charles Taylor 
Lillie Perkins - Vice Chair
Carthell Tyus
Patricia Spates - Secretary
Tiny White Sr.
Ruth Anderson - Treasurer
Amare Anderson - Junior Usher
Adrian Anderson
Asante Anderson - Junior Usher
Antonis "Tony" Anderson
Roscoe Joyner - Inactive
Barbara A. Johnson
Y.T. Palmer - Inactive
Johnnie P. Merriweather
Wanda Works - Inactive
Joe Reed
Modistine White - Inactive
Auxiliary Leaders
Dr. Priscilla Palmer - Board of Christian Education, Director
Pastell Fuller - Lay Department, President
Gertie Bond - Sunday School, Superintendent
Hazel Jelks - Christian Youth Fellowship, Director
Carolyn Hendricks - Membership & Evangelism, Director
Music Department
Mark Wilder - Minister of Music
Kenneth Hentz - Male Chorus, President
Modistine White - Sanctuary Choir, Director
Mildred Bond - Sanctuary Choir, President
Melissa Bradford - Voices of Trinity, Director
Tiny White Jr. - Voices of Trinity, President
Web Services
Tiny White Jr.