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Trinity's Annual Patriotic Musical Tea

The Tea's Origins

News Clip: The Decatur Daily Review - Saturday, March 6, 1954

Steeped in rich history, Trinity's Annual Patriotic Musical Tea has been carefully curated and perpetually refreshed by members over many generations.

Dating back to 1942, Trinity CME Church held its first Tea in the original church Fellowship Hall at North and Jackson Streets. It was sponsored by the Council of Women under the administration of Reverend D.S. Cunningham. The tables were beautifully decorated with patriotic emblems. The atmosphere was full of the spirit of friendly fellowship and conversation.

Over the years, the event flourished into a beautiful community and church activity where artists share their spiritual gifts in ministry through song, dance, spoken word, and instrumental solos. The event is faithfully supported by members and friends in and out of town. It has become Trinity’s leading event of the year.

We, the members of Trinity CME Church, will continue to strive each year to make it better!

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